Friday, March 03, 2006

A day of gifts

Yesterday was my son's two-month birthday. As a gift, I got him three immunization shots and he got me an evening of scream-crying. Thanks Honeybear!

My daughter turns the big 2 next week, so I shopped for her presents yesterday. So far she's getting a tricycle, a bathrobe, some Dora the Explorer kitchen stuff (bowl, plate, silverware, etc), some barrettes and she MIGHT get a Dora the Explorer toddler bike helmet with matching elbow pads if she plays her cards right.
I also shopped yesterday for a birthday present for my nephew Christian. He turns 3 this weekend. We're going with his innate need to be filthy and getting him a big basket of dig in the dirt toys. My SIL is going AGAINST his instincts and getting him potty training stuff. It's terribly funny.

Incidentally, the first six months of the year are what we call "Birthday Season" in our family since starting in January we celebrate my son's, my mom's, my husband's grandpa and two brother in laws birthdays, February brings a nephew's birthday, March is another BIL, a SIL, my daughter and my nephew, April is a month off, May is my husband's birthday, my niece's birthday, my nephew's birthday and my brother's birthday. The flurry of birthday's ends in June with the last nephew's birthday but starts up again in September with my birthday, my other brother's birthday and my stepmother in law's birthday, October is my father in law and a SIL, November is another SIL and her husband's birthday (I think...he's not a big celebrator) and we end December with my sister's birthday. Whew. That's a friggin lot of people.

That said, yesterday was also the day of surprise presents. I came home with a surprise present for my husband, a kindling holder for the fireplace. It's wrought iron and will hold all the little sticks he likes to collect instead of them being strewn about. It was on sale too.
He also came home with a present for me, a big 30-bottle wooden wine rack. It's VERY nice and was also on sale. So we're all gifty in our house today.
Oh, and the puppy got us three BIG presents this morning, I gave them to my husband because I felt the puppy meant for him to have them...if you catch my drift.


Jessey said...

Incidentally, as my gift to MYSELF, I fit into my skinny jeans yesterday and wore them out of the house!
This is a feat that took me SEVEN MONTHS after Elizabeth was born but a mere two months this time.
I rock!

cube said...

Excellent. What are you doing, using Lindsay Lohan diet tips?

Jessey said...

Oh yes, lots of crack, STDs and enemas.
It's going GREAT!

I'm just watching my portion sizes, breastfeeding and trying to walk around a little bit every day.
Stress is also a great weight dropper, as is sickness and a week and a half of hospital food!

eaf said...

I fully intend to take advantage of breastfeeding to assist with my postbaby weightloss. It worked like a charm last time. And it's the only thought that gets me through "the pump."

Jessey said...

It definitely was a factor in my persistence with breastfeeding this time around, despite the pain I had, I kept thinking of melting the fat, melting the fat.
I'm excited!

cube said...

Please be careful. I don't want to come here one day & find you've become a crack-addled matchstick

Jessey said...

It's OK don't worry, I got my period and gained three pounds.