Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Flavor of Love...

AKA, the best show on TV...sadly, it's over, but there's a reunion show coming up this weekend! Yahoo!
This is awesome. I'm New York.
"New York in the motherfucking house! You better deal wit' it!"

Which Flavor of Love are you?

New York aka Tiffany
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Amy said...

Oh god please tell me you never watched this show! I saw the nasty spitting incident on Best Week Ever and couldn't handle it.

I did read the captions at the gym one day. I think Flav and the spit girl met her mom (it was one blond, anyway). Then the blond and Flav went to a hotel room. The mom is being interviewed and said she didn't know what her daughter saw in him, and didn't know what they were doing in the hotel room and then she said, "But knowing my daughter, it's a lot." Ha! It's a good thing I was using a weight machine otherwise I would have dropped the dumbbell on my foot in hysterics.

Jessey said...

Are you kidding! I LOVED this show...Totally obsessed. It is a GREAT show to work out to.
I would be on my Gazelle and watching Flavor of Love and all would be right in the world.

Saaaa-bor saaaaab.

Jessey said...

People, don't pretend like you didn't watch this delicious train wreck...I fully expect to hear what Flavor of Love you are...
Tan pronto!

Jessey said...

Oh no! I took the test again and I ended up the SPITTER! Punkin!
Damn her!

"Bitch, I'll beat your ass"