Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To The Lurkers

Hey, you! Yeah you. You person who came to read the blog but not comment...

I'm not like those other bloggers you know who just want to vent their stories and turn off comments...I want to hear what you have to say too...

Hey, lurker from Jersey City! My mom grew up in J.C. and my dad was born in Bayonne. Deep inside, I'm a Jersey girl at heart. I was born in Somerville.

Hey! Lurker from Frisco, TX...my dad was supposed to move there, but unfortunately he died en route. His wife and their kids live there now though...it's a small world.

Lurker from Laguna Niguel...hmmm, who are you?

Note to all others...Comment! I know you have something to say! If not, why are you blog-surfing?

Come on! Put it out there.
I already know you're out there.... :)


Joeja said...

Ok, ok, guilty as charged.

I get upset with the lurkers on my blog too. So frustrating, and that site meter thing is addictive. I got a visitor today from Sexey-les Bois, France. And the Laguna Nigel person also.

gdelgado said...


JC lurker here, jersey city has been my home for the past 21 years and I just got my real estate license lol. I currently work in IT but wanna give the real estate field a try. Also check out my lame web site http://www.jerseyfind.com, hopefully is useful to somebody. Take care.

cube said...

Looks like someone pulled your string today, Jessey ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll cop to being a lurker. You make it sound so dirty, like we're all peeping Toms.

I'll post more often. Lord knows I have enough to say about celebrity gossip. We should take over US Weekly.

Jessey said...

Hell Yeah!
Watch out Janice Min!

Freebird said...

I totally understand this post. I read, but sometimes I just don't have an interesting comment to add.

I used to have a reader from Tokyo, Japan who read for several months.

I was very interested in who this person was. I wondered if this person was an American. I wondered if they were native, ran across this Hispanic girl's blog and just wanted to know what I was all about. I was so curious for so long, but I must have bored them cause they're no longer around.

Amy said...

I think my cousins lived in Somerville for awhile. . .I can't remember. But in high school I went on a trip to Italy with a group from Bayonne. . .they were evil.

Jessey said...

Hey! Bayonne was my parents' hood.
I still have peeps there.
Word up Bayonne!

Anonymous said...

this is just another idiot on the internet who thinks people respect her opinion because she's managed to post it on the internet, no one cares and if you died hardly anyone would care

Jessey said...

Yikes dude!
That's pretty harsh!
I don't think people respect my opinion at all. I just like writing about my life and my interests and the things that tick me off and the things that thrill me.
And I think that if I died, probably a few people, at least one or two, would care, somewhat.
I've so been put in my place!

Meredith said...

I never knew you were born in Somerville! Kev's Dad is moving there from Morris County. Small world it is :)

Jessey said...

It is true! I lived on Henry Road. It's VERY different now than it was then.
It's a world of wonder...it's a small world after all.