Monday, March 13, 2006


How accurate are these tests really?

You Are A Relationship Ruiner!

You've got a killer instinct, for killing relationships
Your total fear of intimacy points to you being let down before
Or maybe you truly lack the skills to be a good girlfriend
In any case, relax a little and be nicer to your love. That's all it takes.

Bob and I had a fight this morning, could it BE that we fight because I am a relationship ruiner? Or is it really because he won't pick up dog poo and thinks a full-time, out of the house job is harder than raising two kids under the age of two.


Jessey said...

Oh, a sad postscript (which is what PS stands for you sonofabitch)

My husband decided this evening that he would give his dog to our renter Bill. Bill is a single man with no kids who really could use the companionship honestly. And since he lives oh about 20 feet away from our house, we'll still see good old Rocky.
But still.
And even though...
I didn't want the dog and I didn't want the dog pooping in my house, but it still makes me sad. I cried.
I know. I'm crazy. But I'm OK with it.

cube said...

Those tests are silly. I don't take them seriously.

That's the thing about those critters, they grow on you, poop and all. Now there's a thought.