Sunday, March 12, 2006

What I Thought Was Winter, Was Just A Joke

THIS is winter. Winter all over our front porch.

We had a party for Elizabeth's birthday, just family thank goodness, because it snowed so much, so fast that everyone had to stay the night here.

Underneath there is my car, somewhere...

Here is our porch swing in the back yard...butt deep in snow.

And here's me, braving the cold to take these pictures!


Jessey said...

I gotta say, even bundled up and obscured...I still look fat and tired in this picture... :)

But damn! Lookit that snow!
We think we ended up with three feet!
There were bunny tracks across the snow this morning.
It was awesome.

Sar said...

Nah, it was a cute picture! But yeah that's a helluva lot of snow, woman!

Jessey said...

We live in a tiny unincorporated part of the county so we don't get to see our snow totals on the weather channel like the highfalutin' city folks...but a town near here at an approximate elevation got FOUR FEET!
We were probably around three feet of snow total. Crazy.
My hubby's boss came out with his backhoe today to clear our driveway.
A damn backhoe.
No lie.