Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I watch WAY too much LOST

As further proof that I am a LOST addict, the other night I had a dream that MY baby was being kidnapped by Ethan and the others.
Fortunately my husband is in MY nightmare version of LOST, and he kicked the crap out of Ethan. Also, oddly, in my version of LOST -- Barbara Bush. Hmm. What does it all mean?


cube said...

Your husband kicked the shit out of Barbara Bush in your dream? She's an old lady! Old enough to be his grandmother! Oh the shame.

Jessey said...

No no!
Barbara Bush was not an other. She was a helpful old lady.

That would be a funny thing to see though...and by funny, I mean shameful, of course.

cube said...

LOL! Yes, quite shameful ;-)