Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Travolta plays woman in 'Hairspray' remake

This explains why he looked so funny at the Oscars. He's dipping into the makeup kit, and loving it. Plus that fivehead looks a BIT Botoxed. Just a tad.
Is it just me or is he starting to go all Stallone in the face department.
You know, way too much plastic surgery making him look like a woman? Stallone now looks just like his mom, will Travolta turn into his sister?

In the ill-advised Hairspray remake, Travolta will play Edna Turnblad, the role originated on the screen by shocking transvestite performer Divine.

As an aside, WHY are they remaking Hairspray? It was FINE the first time around.
Why not remake Casablanca and Gone With the Wind while you're at it, Hollywood numbskulls.


Sar said...

Botox, yeah could be. I also think he's the kind of guy who's face it just to large to pull of a buzz cut. Not a good look for him.

Jessey said...

That doesn't even look like a remotely natural hairline.
What is going on with Danny Zuko?

"What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?"

"Well I do not know. Maybe there's two of us. Why don't you take out a missing person's ad? Or try the yellow pages, I don't know."