Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oops, I did it again.

I missed Lost, again!

This is just silly.
I can't believe how lame I am.


Amy said...

Locke flashbacks - his dad "died" then turned up alive. He faked his own death because he scammed some creepy looking dudes out of $700,000. He had the money hidden in a safe deposit box and wanted John to get it for him and told him he could keep $200,000 for the pain he caused him (stealing his kidney, pretending he wanted to do the father-son thing,etc.) John gets the money, goes home, and the creepy dudes are there talking to Helen. They ask John if he's seen his dad, check his bag for money, then leave. John tells Helen he doesn't know what they were talking about.

He then goes to the hotel (prearranged) to see his dad and drop off the money - the dad's jumping on a plane to run. Helen shows up at the door, slaps the dad for causing John pain and said they'd moved past him, and then tells John "you lied to me!" She leaves, he runs after her, then asks her to marry her in the parking lot (he had been planning to right before he found out the dad "died"). She says you want his love more than mine and says no.

Sayid and crew find the balloon and the grave.

Jack plays texas hold 'em with Sawyer and first gets all the fruit. Sawyer's mad and wants to play more - Jacks says for the medicine, and beats him with a pair o' nines. Sawyer says, why didn't you ask for the guns. Jack says, "When I need the guns I'll get the guns."

Back at the Hatch Henry Gale makes more cracks about Jack bossing Locke around. Locke throws him in confinement, then the lockdown happens. He lets Henry out to try and help him open the lockdown. They pry a steel door up, hold it open with a toolbox, Locke slides through and the door crashes on his legs (they manage to hold it up with weights to Locke's legs aren't totally crushed). The computer starts beeping and Locke screams at Henry to go push the numbers. Henry does, then the doors open. But before they do the lights go off, some creepy iridescent light pops up and there's some drawing on the door - of what, I don't know. A sort of map.

Lights back on, door comes up, Henry is helping Lock to the chair. Sayid and all come back with Jack, and slam HEnry against the wall. Sayid says they found Henry's balloon. They found the grave of Henry's wife. But Sayid didn't believe him still and dug up the grave. Then he shows him a wallet he lifted from the corpse with a driver's license of a Henry Gale from Minnesota - with a picture of a black man.

Next week's episode all about Hurley, and it looks like that blonde he likes may push him off a cliff.

Amy said...

God I just wasted so much time on that!

Jessey said...

I appreciate your wasted time. :)

And DANGIT! Sounds like it was a good one!
I'm so disappointed in myself.

Chris said...

It was a really good episode. Sorry you missed it.

Freebird said...

Are we gonna have to call you on Thursday nights? :-P It was a great show.

Jessey said...

I had to read my husband Amy's summary because he was shocked, SHOCKED! to learn that we had missed Lost again!
You'd think that between the two of us, ONE of us would remember!