Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Idol Host Gets Desperate

I honestly do not believe this is real for one second.

Not one damn second.

"American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Desperate Housewives hottie Teri Hatcher were nabbed by snapper on a beach in Malibu making out."

AND I object very strenuously to them calling Teri Hatcher a "hottie," despite what FHM thinks.

She is, at best, a lukewarmy...and that's on a good Skeletor face day.
Don't even get me started on Seacrest.


cube said...

Thanks. Leave it to you to bring us the latest gossip (I don't care who's lips are intersmacking!) but interlace it with some funny remarks (which I do like). Lukewarmy is right...when the lighting is good.

Amy said...

My dad LOVES Teri Hatcher. He is one of the men who made her the most downloaded women in her Lois and Clark days. He watches DH just because of her, and when he was visiting in October told my husband (I have heard this before) that she is the only woman he would leave my mother for and that my mom says if he ever comes across her he can try his luck.

Jessey said...

Heh. She's on his "list."
The question is: Is that list laminated?

Amy: I forgot to mention how frickin funny that whole "piv-ot piv-ot" post about your dresser on your blog was. I seriously laughed out loud for quite a while just thinking about it. So, I know you'll appreciate my above comment.

Amy said...

It's not, but she's been at the top for so freaking long I don't think it'd matter.

We yell Pivot! whenever we are carrying something up the stairs. Sometimes my husband will randomly just yell it when he sees Ross on tv. It is not even all that funny, it's just fun to yell it.

Also, my voice is on the answering machine, so randomly when it picks up he'll say, "Amy's breezy!"