Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring is in the air

Now that it's spring, my Louie is back to his old hunting grounds.
Yesterday, I stumbled upon a dead mouse in my bedroom. Oh, I nearly threw up for that one!

Then this morning, Bob saw Louie bringing in a dead bird. Also into our bedroom.
Louie's outside right now prowling around, looking for more hapless prey.
I think I should keep my bedroom door shut for awhile!
It's now to the point where everytime the cat door swings open, I glance over to make sure there's nothing hanging out of Louie's mouth, no lizards, no mice, no birds, no horny toads!
Here's Louie being sweet with Dylan.


Chris said...

My cat, Hector, brought in a mouse a week ago and we still haven't been able to corner it. He's a lazy SOB too, so he hasn't bothered with it since then.

Jessey said...

Hector is a great name for a cat, by the way!
I guess I should count myself lucky that except for lizards, Louie almost always fatally injures his detainees. Sometimes they are left twitching, but mostly they are mostly dead, which is, of course, slightly alive.