Thursday, March 23, 2006

Miracles and other stories

Yesterday a miracle happened at my house! While I was out struggling with the WalMart pharmacy, again, Bob stayed home to watch Elizabeth. When I got home, he had CLEANED HER ROOM!
I almost passed out!
Not only that! He stained my bookcase shelf! Now I can finally start putting my living room back together after PaintGate 2006.

In other news:
*Frequency days work! Dylan's been having a growth spurt, thus, he's been wanting to eat every hour on the hour. Finally that's over! When Dylan is ready to eat now, I am SO ready to feed him, it's not right. In fact, I've been waking him up before I go to bed just to get in one more feeding before my bosom explodes. I woke up around midnight to feed him last night and while he ate from one side, the other became a river of milk soaking my nightgown, my leg and my bed. Now that's production!

*Bob is back to work today! His work week runs Friday to Thursday, so he'll get paid tomorrow for one day. Better than zero days. He was not happy about going back to his job by the way, because of the jerkiness of the boss and the whole not having Bob work for a week and a half thing. And who can blame him?

*Two kids with strep = two bottles of pink antibiotics in the fridge and two medicine droppers. Thankfully, the WalMart pharmacist was nice enough to give me one pink and one blue dropper so I could keep them straight and not reinfect the well kid with the sick kids dropper. So thoughtful.

*I cut my hair.
I only cut my hair like twice a year, sometimes it's very traumatic, as it was in summer 2004 when I got a horrible haircut that necessitated the use of bobby pins for about four months! But this time it turned out great! I felt bad though because I forgot to tip the gal...oops! I should go back with $5 and make that right. As soon as I get $5! Sad.
Gosh I look tired in this picture. I need a nap!


Freebird said...

Cute haircut, I like it! I got a haircut too recently and really like it. March must the month for good haircuts.

Amy said...

Nice hair! I am like you too, about twice a year. Because I'm cheapt, I can never decide if I want it short or long, and because when I do decide to cut it, my hair miraculously starts coming out really really good. Of course once I forget about cutting it it goes back to its crazy self. I am going for a cut this weekend though, it seems my threat of cutting has not worked on my hair this time as it has been stringy all week. Ugh!

And can I just say that this is the second time I got the verification smenita and both times I am rejected even though I typed it in exactly!

Jessey said...

It's a pretty cute haircut, and that's right after I rolled myself out of bed, so, that's a bedhead picture too!
It's good because it's long enough that I can still pull it up, but short enough that it's not all in my business all the time.
I was getting tired of getting my hair caught in my purse strap and in the strap of the baby bag...ENOUGH! I said. ENOUGH!

And, I hate the verification too, it even makes ME do it for my own blog, but, I hate the spam comments more. So, it's really a toss up.

Freebird said...

I don't have word verification on my blog and its been months since I've gotten spammed. It's safe now.

Jessey said...

If the coast is clear, I'll turn it off...
And the villagers rejoiced!