Monday, April 03, 2006

Chris Farley Lives on Billboard

Chris Farley Lives on Billboard - Yahoo! News

Sadly, I was watching the horrible pseudo-faux-news-bitch television show that is "The Today Show" this morning and that GLIB bastard Matt Lauer asked Chris Farley's brother...

"If it's about helping people, why take the money?"

That f*&^ing bastard.
$25,000 donated to a foundation..."why take the money?"
Uh, to help people Matt, you stupid SOB.

I'm thinking maybe Tom Cruise isn't as crazy as we all think. Maybe Matt Lauer IS an insufferable prick?
I think: Yes.


cube said...

These 2 events are not mutually exclusive. Tom Cruise IS crazy AND Lauer is a prick.

Jessey said...

So true. So true.