Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Really Great News...and the mildly uncomfortable and icky side effect of said event


He fell asleep at 8:30 pm and didn't wake up until 7:30 am! Oh JOY OF JOYS!
I feel less like a zombie and more like a person. Now, if I could just fit in a shower today, I'd be mostly human again!

Here's the slightly icky and uncomfortable side effect. Though Dylan slept all night, he did not inform my boobs of his plan. Therefore, they were ready for him to eat in the middle of the night. Around 4 am I wake up and my sheets and pajamas are SOAKING WET. Leaking milk is SUPER fun.
I got him out of the crib and made him fix the problem, but he did NOT wake up. Fifteen minutes later he was back in bed and my crisis was over. Then he slept until 7:30 am.
It's starting out to be the greatest day EVER!
Hopefully, this is the beginning of something wonderful, aka sleeeeeeeeeeeep.


eaf said...

Congrats! Athena slept through the night starting at two weeks! It was glorious! However, I still had to get up at least once a night, sometimes twice, to pump, lest I awaken in the same soupy mess you described. Hardly seems fair... sleeping baby, wide-awake mommy. With a horrid breast pump, no less. Bleh.

Jessey said...

Elizabeth started sleeping through at nine weeks and she was bottle fed so that rocked!