Sunday, April 02, 2006


Bob and I take turns being cranky.

I have two nutsy kids helping me turn the crank up on my cranky days. Bob has a bum tooth that assists him.

A few nights ago, it was his turn to be cranky.
I went into the bathroom and he was leaning up against the counter, holding the side of his face.

Me: What's the matter?
Bob: (silence and glares)
Me: Your tooth hurts?
Bob: (look of death)
Me: Did you take something for it?
Bob: (hot lasers shooting out of his eyes) Can you just leave me alone? Dammit!
Me: (completely hurt and upset) Gosh! I'm just trying to be nice!
Bob: Just leave me alone!

Yikes! Super cranky.
He did the same sort of thing last night and I told him "I know your teeth hurt, but I didn't do it, so you can try to be nice to me."

To which he said: "I KNOW you didn't do it! God!"

Thank GOODNESS the tooth will be leaving us on Thursday. I can't wait!


eaf said...

Ugh. Caught between the one you love and his evil tooth. How awful. I bet Thursday seems like forever away.

Jessey said...

For the both of us!
He's gone through almost every pain killing drug in our home, all the motrin, all the Aleve, all the fun prescriptions you get after a C-section. All of it.
He's down to generic ibuprofen and Jim Beam...this morning he offered to let me pull it out myself with pliers.
He's got to be in serious pain, the poor guy.

Chris said...

Solution: Iron Skillet upside the jaw. That should solve both the crankiness and the tooth at the same time.

Jessey said...

Believe me, I'm seriously considering that.