Friday, April 21, 2006

First there was TomKitten...

I just heard the funniest thing on Armstrong and Getty.

They've coined the catchy nickname for the baby of Brad and Angelina aka Brangelina.
The baby is to be known hereafter as the Brangelinfant.
Now, that's funny.
Here's a pic of that fat pregnant ho.


Freebird said...

"that fat pregnant ho" HA!

Jessey said...

Call me old-fashioned, but adultery really ticks me off.

Amy said...

She made a whole big thing in one interview about how she'd never have an affair, her dad cheated on her mom and she knows the pain it can cause. Well all well and good missy, but you apparently had one of the emotional kind, which as we all see can also lead to divorce.

Jessey said...

She's a sluuuuut!

My husband rented Mr. And Mrs. Smith a while back, and I watched it. But I felt diiiirty the whole time. Plus, it sucked.

Brad Shit is weak, but Angelina Holie is a whore. Any woman who goes after a married man is a whore.
That's what I learned from the pain of a parental divorce. Not tips and tricks on how to snag another chick's dude.