Friday, April 21, 2006

Travolta, JLo to Star in 'Dallas' Movie

This is just a horrible idea.

British director Gurinder Chadha announced Friday that she would direct John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez in a big-screen version of '80s TV show "Dallas."
The film will star Travolta as villainous oil magnate J.R. Ewing and Lopez as his wife Sue Ellen.

That's beyond horrible. It can only be redeemed if they have to wear the Dallas wardrobe, the '80s clothes. The shoulder pads, the big hair, etc.
Or conversely, if they wear their Battlefield Earth and Selena costumes, respectively.

This is from the Bend it Like Beckham director, that horrible tragedy that brought Kiera Knightley to us. Blech. Thanks a LOT!

Somewhere, Linda Gray and Larry Hagman are pissed.


Freebird said...

Why, oh why do they feel the need to bring these shows back in movie form?

Keira Knightly = BLECH! She always looks like she's making that pouty sucking in of the cheeks look in all her pictures.
HA!! I know what she's doing! She's doing Blue Steel! Remember that from movie with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller?

Jessey said...

Keira Knightly is total blech.
I want her to eat a hamburger and stop making that face.