Thursday, April 20, 2006

No Libby! NO!

Just when I was starting to get into her whole storyline, rumors kick up that Cynthia Watros (aka Crazy? Libby) may be leaving Lost.
This is so wrong.

Was Lost a repeat last night? If not, I shall flog myself today, as I missed it.
Stupid Lost repeats.

Anyway, the finale is May 24. Will Libby make it out alive?


Amy said...

I saw this yesterday too. Lost could always put her on recurring status and use her in flashbacks and/or when needed until they find out her show is cancelled. Julie Bowen (aka Jack's wife) is on Boston Legal and still comes on.

Amy said...

Oh, and it wasn't on for the two-hour Alias.

Jessey said...

"until they find out her show is cancelled"

So true. So funny.

Chris said...

Yep. Two hours of Alias. :-) Yay!
Lost comes back next week at the normal time, as far as I know.

Freebird said...

You didn't miss a thing. I was so disappointed it wasn't on.

Wow, Libby's a hottie.

Amy said...

Nope, next week it's one of those catch up episodes.

Jessey said...

Stupid catch up episode. It's for people like me who keep missing the new ones because of all the dang repeats!