Friday, April 28, 2006

Rosie? Really??

O'Donnell to Replace Vieira on 'The View'

I could not disagree with this choice more.
Don't they already have a loudmouth from New York on this show?
They don't need TWO Joy Behars. Heck, they don't need the one they have.
How can they replace someone classy like Meredith Vieira with a ballsy mink like Rosie?
Will she rocket Koosh balls into the crowd?


cube said...

This will not sit well with Joy because she's the comedic relief on the show. OK, except for the new Star Jones who now looks like a pair of giant eyes.

Rosie did say something funny about Jones' abrupt weight loss (which Star attributes to exercise & diet. yeah right): "I'd like to see that *bleep* do a push up."

Rosie is going to cause the fur to fly on that show.

Jessey said...

I despise Star Jones, whether she be skinny or not-so-skinny.
And I don't believe for one second that she didn't have gastric bypass surgery or that her husband is straight.

cube said...

It should be interesting for fans of the show (not me) to see if Star-baby renews her contract which is up in August. Heck, she may have dissolved to nothing by then with her mystical, magical diet ;-)

Jessey said...

My SIL is stoked for this addition to the View lineup...if only for the Springer-esque brawls it promises.