Wednesday, May 17, 2006

AI, Spam and my illustrious (heh) blog

I've been trying to deny it -- as I fear it is a sign of the apocalypse what with 35 percent of viewers thinking their AI vote is MORE IMPORTANT than a Presidential vote (Morons!) -- but American Idol is a huge, huge phenomenon. HUGE!

Of the hits my blog has gotten today, nearly 50 percent of them were the direct result of Google searches on American Idol, specifically (here come more hits!) Who's Going Home Tonight? It's my biggest single day ever! Hooray! I feel like the prom queen...but without the hairspray taste in my mouth.

For those concerned, my guts (and dialidol) tell me it's going to be Elliot "Smashmouth" Yamin. And I love the kid, I'm bummed.

You never now, it could be all wrong that dialidol. We'll see. We were all SHOCKED last week with the Ouster O' Daughtry so, we'll see, maybe we'll be **SHOCKED** again...but I doubt it.

OK moving on...
I have a Gmail account. I love Gmail, but rarely use it...does that make sense? As a consequence, my spam box fills up like crazy. Especially now that Ephedra is legal again, thanks very much U.S. government.

To spin spam to a positive thing, here is a sampling of the downright hilarious names of the "people" who have spammed me -- please note the MR salutation which accompanies some very, very female-ish names, which I find funny:
(Oh FYI, I don't HAVE a penis, I don't want to die from Ephedra, and I don't need a new mortgage, but thanks for asking)

Mr Uzziye Atchley
Mr Maggie Blaylock
Mr Kaylee Llewellyn
Glazer Aiyana
arabelle koenig
Mr Deatherage Avigail
Mr Swearengin
Mr Humes Thomas
Mr Caudle Celine
Mr Piotrowski Benson

jermayne abernathy Hi, ironbark acacia - Need money? Your credit doesn't matter to us! Want IMMEDIATE cash to spend ANY way you like

My name is NOT ironbark acacia, but thanks for asking Jermayne.

Mr Kaela Hendon
Mr Waldo Ziv
Bade Lirit
Coston Viviana
Monserrat Oswald
Mr Nyla Goree
Chanan Dicken

cwgriswold2003 Attract the mate of your dreams today - Hey sweetie, you wanna attract chick at the c]ub? Try Ultra Allure pheromones!

Holy goodness! Clark W. Griswold???? I'm all atwitter. But I still don't wanna attract chick at the c]ub, whatever that is. Sorry.

I swear the spammers must just use a random letter generator to come up with some of these names! Or maybe they just push the keyboard and see what pops up...let's see...

My spammer name is Akdur Rhjfirn - it's Persian/Icelandic. I'm very exotic and hot. You need attract chick at c]ub? Bad credit OK! You skinny? You wanna skinny? Ephedra now!


Amy said...

I hope that Kat goes. I liked her at first, and think she's a good singer, but there is something about her I just don't like.

and if I have to see that trailer trashy kimberly caldwell again anywhere I will puke. Her hair drives me INSANE. Screaming fits every time she comes on the air. Who told her that that 'do was okay? WHO! And WHY is she an "expert" on Idol? Yes she can explain the contest. The behind the scenes sceney stuff. But she is not an expert on "what America wants in an Idol" or "why so and so got voted off." If she truly WERE an expert, SHE WOULD HAVE WON!

(Sorry, my husband commented on my yelling at her everytime she comes on screen last, thus I think I've reached my complaint limit at home).

Jessey said...

I JUST saw KC on the Glenn Beck show (I know, I know, I'm a longtime Glenn devotee and I love the man, GUILTY GUILTY!!) and I had to flick channels because, well, it's not that I don't like her -- I loved LOVED her on her season -- it's that I can't stand that she turned her failure into success...beeyotch!!!!!

And, I hate the lesbo hair.
There, I said it.

cube said...

Sorry don't watch Idol, but I do get lots o'spam. What I want to know is, "WHO ARE THESE NIGERIANS AND WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS YELLING?"

Jessey said...

Just don't give them any money! You did NOT win the Nigerian Lottery...sorry for that bad news!

Amy said...

There was an article last year in Reader's Digest about a man who went to Nigeria to collect one of those scams. He had to keep giving them tens of thousands of dollars. They dragged him to sketchy places. The police raided and busted them. And when he was home, he said, "I Keep dreaming about going back to Nigeria and getting that money."

Dude there's no money!

Jessey said...

I was at the bank a while back, and there was an old old man who gave his bank account number to a scam artist who sent him a letter saying he had won $1.1 million. And he believed it! He was so excited. That's so mean. That should be a death penalty eligible offense - tricking the elderly out of their money.
F'ed up.

A Girl From Texas said...

I don't like McPhee either. I was hoping it would come down to Taylor and Elliott. I think, though, that Taylor is going to get a lot of Elliot's fan base.

Jessey said...

I think you're right GFT, Elliot and Taylor both seem to appeal to an older fanbase, whereas Katharine seems to be playing the Britney Spears card, she seems to have a lot of younger female fans, for some reason.
I definitely think Taylor will win.