Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Times!

Last night we had company over. A couple of my friends from college (way way back in the day) were driving from Wisconsin to San Diego and on the stretch from Amarillo to Phoenix popped in to visit us. It was a slight detour from their route and it was a total blast!
We all had dinner together and they visited with the kids. They hadn't seen Elizabeth since she was about Dylan's age, so, that's quite a long time. In their defense, they did live in Amsterdam for a while there...
Anyway! It was just a warmup because we've got more visitors coming out at the end of the month. Two more collegiate chums of mine are spending Memorial Day weekend with us. I got a nice trial run of my hostessing skills, setting out vegetable trays, cheese platters, chips and salsa, etc etc. I pulled it off, no problem.
Of course, I had to cover the ranch dip with cling wrap since Elizabeth has a dipping problem.
So after our company left, I took the cling wrap off and told her to have at it...and she did.
Within two minutes she clogged the bowl with carrots, cucumbers and an olive. Then she used the ranch dressing for hand lotion -- the experiment in self-control was over.

Later on that night...Bob and I were sleeping, Dylan and Elizabeth were sleeping. All of a sudden there is a loud scuffle noise and a bang. Bob goes to investigate...turns out Louie has a mouse.
Louie, like a cat, is just playing with the mouse not killing it and getting it over with. Apparently, this mouse was brought into the house a couple of DAYS ago, and I never knew, but Bob did.
Long story short, Bob ended up murdering the mouse with his shoe and throwing it out the front door. And peace was restored to the home.

PS I missed American Idol as a result of post-get-together cleanup requirements. I only caught a snippet of Taylor Hicks singing uh...some song I like. I can't even remember what it was now, but it sounded good.
I fear it's buh-bye Elliot.


Amy said...

He sang Dancing in the Dark, Try a Little Tenderness and I forget the third. I can't watch that entire show you know.

I bet the ranch dressing made good hand lotion. The dairy probably is good for your skin I think.

Jessey said...

It was buttermilk ranch in fact.

It was Taylor's Try a Little Tenderness...but I'm a sucker for that song, and not just because of Duckie.

cube said...

Kids getting into the dip must be a law of the universe. They all do it.

My oldest daughter dipped her Glow Worm (remember those?) into the onion dip when she was a toddler.
She's mortified whenever we bring it up. Picture a bunch of adults reminiscing about the event: remember when you dipped Gaacko? (that's what she called it). She'll never live it down.

Jessey said...

Elizabeth is also a serial dipper, though she's never to my knowledge dipped an inanimate object.

Meredith said...

Kurt and Crystal came out to visit you! How fun! We need to make a trip to the AZ too - post-baby of course.

Jessey said...

Yes, it's true. We got a visit from the nomads we call Kurtstal.
We had a nice dinner and chatted for maybe an hour or so...they are crazy driving maniacs. The day before they were here they drove 16 hours in one day!!! That's NUTS!
I think the day they came to our house they were in the middle of an 11-hour drive. But from Phoenix to San Diego - the last leg of the trip - it's only about five hours, so yesterday was probably a piece of cake for them.
And yes yes YES! Post-baby you MUST come visit! Ah HB Baby Love!