Saturday, May 20, 2006

Camping With Mattresses

It seems that we may have a propane leak.
Yeah. Yes.
I know.
After all our propane wars it seems totally wrong and against the karma of the universe that we would continue to have trouble. Yet trouble remains.

On Friday night, Bob went onto our back deck - where the tank is - and said he smelled propane. He checked the tank and it was at 0 (zero) percent. ZERO.
We just got a 50 gallon fill not even two months ago.
So Bob shut off the propane line to the house. It only powers the heater (which we aren't using anymore with these 85+ degree days) and the stove.
Yes. Yeah. Yah. I KNOW!
The stove.

So, I have no stove right now. I've tried calling our company's regular phone line and BOTH emergency lines, noone's answered. I even went so far as to get the home number of the other brother who runs the company (from the gal who answered the emergency line and told me her parents - one of the brothers - were out of town and thus could not help me) and noone answered there either.
I left a frantic message on the company's voicemail, and I anticipate a call back ASAP Monday morning. Until then, we're microwaving rice and green beans out of a can and BBQing all our meats.

Basically, we're camping with mattresses.

And I JUST bought delicious muffin mix...dammit! Life is so unfair.


A Girl From Texas said...

So it isn't powering your water heater, then? That would really suck.

Jessey said...

We've still got hot water, so I can still do laundry, wash dishes and all that fun stuff!

Amy said...

At least you knew what the problem was. Our propane level got down to zero last year, but David smelled the propane and thought there was a leak. I of course was no help to him. It seems the people had forgotten to come fill it for the month, and we didn't notice (because why would I miss a 200 bill?!)

and you know why this happened, right? it's because of the inheritance. any time you get money, wham! something goes wrong and you have to spend it all away.

Jessey said...

It's totally true. We've got the bulk of the money that we didn't use to pay bills in a no-risk CD, so it can sit and accrue good interest, BUT we can withdraw from it as we need to, and we're about to start tapping into that money for house repairs and renovations and upgrades. New plumbing fixtures! Hurray! No more plastic bathroom sinks! Huzzah!

Jessey said...

Whoa! You pay $200 a MONTH for propane?!

Once I get this all shook out, you know, make sure the line's not leaking, I'll probably get a $200 fill, but it will last until we have to kick on the heater again...hopefully.