Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Check Check Check

Dylan Kenneth had his four month checkup today, just one day after he actually turned four months old.
His doc said he was looking good, sounding good, he's A-OK.
After spending about the first three months of his life sick with one thing or another he had an illness free April and we're hoping to keep that streak going through May and throughout 2006.

He doesn't weigh QUITE as much as I suspected, though he is in the 75th percentile at 15 pounds 14 ounces. And he's also a tall boy at 26.5 inches, another 75th percentile score. His big pumpkin head is 44 cm which is in the 96th percentile.

The doctor said, "This means, he is growing well and he is going to be a big boy."

Poor baby then got two double shots (and I don't mean of espresso). The nurses double teamed him and each shot him twice simultaneously to total four shots of immunization. He cried for about 15 seconds then stopped. But he just shrieked for 30 minutes while I tried to find the baby, it's a tradeoff, public decorum, private insanity!


Freebird said...

Glad to hear he's A-okay.

Chris said...

Ah yes, shots. Looking forward to that with Marcus. I have a friend whose daughter is deathly afraid of doctors (she's 5) - because she had to have a spinal tap last year. She bursts into tears whenever she has to go to see one.

Jessey said...

Shots suck. But luckily my daughter loves her doctor and they are both pretty tough about the shots. They wail, but are calmed down pretty quickly.

cube said...

I hated taking my kids to get their shots. I felt like a Judas goat leading the little lambs to the slaughter. OK, I'm exaggerating. It just sucked.

Glad Baby D. is healthy.

Jessey said...

It breaks my heart too. They make you participate too by helping hold down the baby's arms. He looked at me like I was a traitor, and I have to admit that I was complicit in his quadruple stabbing. So sad.

cube said...

This past week I sat by & watched my youngest get braces. That was a heart wrenching experience. And next week I'll sit by & watch my oldest get braces too. It just never ends with kids.

Jessey said...

When I was nine I dislocated my wrist. They had to escort my mom out of the room when they set it because she was hysterical.
So, yeah, I can't WAIT for those days...not.