Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AI: Who's Going Home Tonight?

American Idol results tonight!

Who's left? Who's going home?

Elliot Yamin - Good performances last night, but sorta bland. He'll probably make it through the next round. Grandmas love him.
Katherine McPhee - For some reason, I just don't like her. But she sings fine and did well last night. She's safe.
Chris Daughtry - The frontrunner. Even my husband, who hates this show, loves this guys. He's safe.
Paris Bennett - The young one. The jazzy one. She's on the edge, but did well last night. Probably safe. I hate her voice at times, and at times I love it.
Taylor Hicks - Oh tic-ridden Taylor Hicks. Drunk dad at a wedding reception. Party's over dude. Play THAT funky music, white boy.

Look, he just lifts right out of the picture! Here's my Top Four.

Who do YOU think is going home tonight? The dream is over for....


Jason said...

Paris is leaving this week. Taylor outlasts Elliott next week in the Elvis show. Kat and Chris are the finalists.

Jessey said...

I wish it would be Paris, she's too Fantasia-esque for me. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah.

eaf said...

Paris it is! I tried to agree with Jason before the show started, but we have been having evil network problems at home. Gah! Anyway, I think Elliot goes next week, as Taylor will, as Jason predicted, be superb in the Elvis show. Kat and Chris can sing anything.

Jessey said...

I am GLAD it was Paris that got the "Kiss" off...get ready to hear that joke 30 times today...but we also need to get rid of Taylor Tics.
I like Elliot, I hope he makes it through another round.
AND I completely LOVE Elvis, so if anyone does anything untoward on the Elvis show, like butcher a song, or sing "Suspicious Minds" (that's an ELVIS only song for me) they will feel my wrath...

Oh hell, I don't vote so I can't complain, right?