Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Child Is Born

The Pitt-Jolie spawn is in the world.

Shiloh Nouvel Pitt-Jolie.
Why didn't they just name their kid "Kick My Butt Pitt-Jolie"
Shiloh. They're setting her up to be a drama club kid. Big time.

Oh, and Gwen had her little Harajuku boy too. Named him Kingston James McGregor Rossdale.
It's not the worst name I've heard yet from these celeb moms. It's not Moses, or Moxie Crimefighter. Puh-lease.
What happened to John and Michael?


Amy said...

Don't you remember back when Britney had her little piggie I said that she was actually the cool one, because she was naming her child something normal. She's ahead of the trend.

My hubby's friends are going crazy with names too. Azlyn Jon (it's a girl), Miles Beckett (I keep thinking of Godot) Stella. . .you are right what is wrong with John?

Jessey said...

I do remember that, and I think you are right. Right now, weird is the new normal, but the pendulum is swinging back so that normal is the new cool.
Goodbye Moxie Crimefighter, hello Megan Christine! Goodbye Pilot Inspektor, hello Patrick Ian!!
See, that's not so hard!

I have a friend whose son's name is Gage Miles. We call him Odometer.

Amy said...

oh that's too funny! there's a reason to run those weird names by people first - obviously you know that pilot inspektor means pilot inspektor, but did the Gage Miles people get the reference?

Jessey said...

They didn't get it for awhile.
I guess Miles was a family name and Gage was a name the kid's mom picked from the movie Pet Cemetary.
The combination was purely accidental!

Hilary said...

I knew someone, last name Italia, whose sister was named Jennifer. The baby was like a year old before someone pointed out that someone, someday, would call her Jen and it would just be ugly.

Jessey said...

See! People need to think.
Since I'm completely insane, it took us forever to try to come up with a name that would result in a non-offensive combination of initials.
In the end though, we just kind of said, screw it, let's name him what we want.
Dylan Kenneth Michael E.
DKME. It could be dirty, but it's NOT!

cube said...

Jolie isn't even her last name. Isn't her name Voight?

Jessey said...

That is true. I don't know if she dropped the Voight legally or not. That is odd. Jolie is her middle name, so her kids' last name is her middle name. Weird.
Well, look who we're talking about here...she's a strange bird.

Amy said...

GASP! Mira Sorvino named her son Johnny! And yes her daughter's name is Mattea but I think that is probably an Italian name, and she is Italian, so it is okay!

Jessey said...

It's like, she reads this blog and understands that we "the little people" are fed up with names like Suri, Apple, Moses, Grier and Shiloh. ENOUGH!