Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lizard Graveyard

Louie is a bloodthirsty murderous killer. I expect that since I have just kicked him out, he is out stalking another lizard. It will be his fourth murder this morning.
Yesterday, he got two.
My front porch is becoming an ad hoc lizard graveyard.

Since Louie has long since broken the "you and your half dead lizard are locked out of the house" feature on the cat door, I've had to improvise to keep my house lizard free. I call this the lizard blocker.
I think there's one still running around in here somewhere. It got away from him and I didn't find it's little corpse yet. Ugh.
Who knew that I'd become a lizard mortician? It was highly unlikely, and yet, here I am.


Jessey said...

That one that got away...he must not have gotten far. I just found his disembodied head.

Louie's a decapitator!

Chris said...

You think that's impressive? Achilles once skinned a mouse. Literally. That takes skill.

cube said...

I was once told that a house with lizards (or geckos) was a happy house. You need to tell Louie that. He's killing your happiness.

Jessey said...

Chris: Ew.
So many comments of yours have that effect on me. Garbage disposal mouse disposal? Ew!! Skinned a mouse? Ew!

Cube: I think since technically he brings the happiness INTO the house and then murders it, we'll be OK. He's actually fine with having the dead lizards stay INSIDE the house, it is I who objects.

Bern said...

I would be one unhappy woman with lizards in my house. Dead or alive

Jessey said...

Yes, I do not love lizards or finding lizard tails and heads or whole dead lizards. It is not fun for me.

cube said...

I think you have slow & stupid lizards up where you live. Florida lizards are way more agile.

Jessey said...

These lizards are way fast. They look like lizardy blurs in the house. I just think Louie is on top of his game right now.

We had another dead mouse this morning. Deeeee-licious!