Friday, May 05, 2006

Dinosaur! Part 2

Just about 10 minutes ago, Louie came bounding in the cat door with a big lizard clamped in his jaws.
Of course, he ran right into my bedroom and released it. The lizard zigged. He zagged. He tried to hide under a pillow.
Louie chased it behind the entertainment center, ripped off his tail, picked him up in his teeth and tossed him back onto the carpet.
The lizard, now clearly injured and fading quickly, ran into my SHOE!
I shrieked.

"Louie! Kill it! Killitkillitkillitkillit!!!"

Elizabeth came to the doorway and started her own chant!
"Louie! Killit da lizard! Killit da lizard! Kill it Louie!"

Eventually, Louie injured him badly enough to where he was just barely hanging on, not scuttling, not zigging or zagging. Of course, by that point, Louie was bored with his toy and just sat there next to it.

I scooped him up in a cardboard box and threw him out onto the porch.
Then I scooted Louie out the front door to finish him off.

Doesn't he understand that some epic battles are better fought on the enemy's turf, and not on MY bedroom carpet??

The lizard tail is still behind my TV and I ain't touching it! That's a Bob job.


Freebird said...

Nooo, not the shoe! :-(

Jessey said...

And they were my cute fake Ugg boots too.
Damn lizard.

cube said...

Oh, the poor lizard. I hate it when cats kill cute critters.

Jessey said...

Cute? If by cute you mean terrifyingly evil and hideous.

I don't like anything that darts around like that.
Freaks me out.

Bern said...

Ewwww. I get goosebumps just looking at that photo!
I am so not a reptile fan.

Jessey said...

*** Update ***

To preserve the Circle of Life I fed Mr. Lizard to our illegal immigrant cat. It's not fair to call him a stray, since he did legally live here at one time, though his owners were jerk-offs and we kicked them off the property and they left poor Socks.
But he didn't finish all his paperwork and get pawprinted and snipped so yeah, he's an illegal immigrant. And I guess that lizard was welfare...
I'm part of the problem!