Friday, May 05, 2006

Oooh, she's a little runaway

Bob and I were getting ready to go out Wednesday night for his birthday. We're both pretty low-maintenance...I changed my shoes and peed, he took a shower and threw on clean clothes. Voila!
I was busily gathering up supplies for the children to take with them to their Auntie Amy's house and Bob was putting on his shoes. We're both apparently focused on the delicious kid-free meal we're about to have. It gets to be time to load up the kids when all of a sudden, the house seems too quiet.

"Where's Elizabeth?"
"She's not with you?"

Ah crap!

The front door was open.

Bob ran out the front door and out through the front yard to the road. She was not running down the road. Bob was yelling her name and searching all over for her. We have an acre yard, so, there's lots of room to run.

My heart is pounding. I searched through the house (Dylan on my hip) yelling her name, checking closets and cabinets.
Bob comes running in.

"Is she in here?"

He goes back outside, but turns toward the back yard.

"Elizabeth!" then he pauses outside the loosely fenced yard and starts walking slowly toward the back deck.
"What the hell are you doing?" he asked her.

She comes running over to him.
My heart leaves my throat and returns to my chest.

"Don't you EVER EVER do that again!"



Freebird said...

I think I would have shit myself as well. That's very frightening.

Jessey said...

It dampened the spirit of the evening, but only for a few minutes.

cube said...

Scary stuff. Maybe she was looking for a new lizard/dinosaur to play with. Louie keeps killing them all!

Jessey said...

Either she was following a cat, going for the Otter Pops in the freezer on the back porch or she got confused and was still looking for Easter Eggs. Whatever it was, she was unfazed when we found her, like:

"Oh hey dad, what's up, could you get me an Otter Pop, a blue one, no, a pink one...whoa, why are you yelling at me??"

eaf said...

We are still trying to teach Athena why she can't run out into the street or through parking lots. She has just about stopped my heart a couple of times. Toddlers are a constant test, aren't they?

Jessey said...

Even when she's SLEEPING, I still am nervous, as she's a sleepwalker!