Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Geographically Challenged!

I did AWESOME on the United States of America, South America and Central America quizzes. I was able to find Poland ASAP but I don't know where Chad is...I just don't.

Test YOUR geography skills...it's informative and might make you sad if you can't find Indiana!


Anonymous said...

Fun! Indiana was no problem. Africa, however, presented more of a challenge. I figured I'd do OK because I can identify the biggies, but then they hit you with Guinea-Bissau. WTF?! Couldn't find it. I'd bet big money that you don't want to go there anyway.

Jessey said...

I did these quizzes thinking, Eleeza would kick my ASS at this!
Though I could find Iraq, Armenia and Saudi Arabia, no problem!

Africa was harder, South Africa was a cinch!