Monday, May 22, 2006

Kid Are Quite Funny

"Elizabeth, what does Dylan eat?"
"He eats a boob."

"Elizabeth, Dylan is crying. Go play with him."
"Why not?"
"Because he's crying. Stop crying!"
"That's why I want you to play with him."
"No. No way."

As Dylan lays on a blanket grunting, face turning red, clearly he's working something up:
"Hey, Elizabeth, what's Dylan doing?"
She glances as him mid-grunt.
"He's doing a ca-ca."

Elizabeth lays down next to Dylan, puts her hand on his head, he reaches over with his foot and touches her leg:
"No Dylan! Don't touch me! Ok?"
"So you can touch Dylan, but he can't touch you?"
"Right. Don't touch Elivateth."


Amy said...

Ha, I haven't heard the word ca-ca in forever. No! No Way! That "Dylan eats a boob" is going to come up at the most inappropriate time, like when talking to a little old lady in wal mart who can't hear, she'll just be screaming at the lady, "My brother eats a boob!"

cube said...

My confirmation name happens to be Elivateth!

Jessey said...

If Dylan gets fussy, she'll come over and tell me, "Dylan hungry. Wanna eat a boob."
And she says it with such self-assurance, that I know she must be right!

Amy said...

At least she doesn't try to feed him herself.

Jessey said...

That would be wildly inappropriate!