Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day, my first since having Dylan. I'm a double mother! Do I get double the presents??

Bob brought me flowers last night and he got me some very pretty gold earrings (I'm not sure if the kids chipped in on them or not, probably not).

Unfortunately, that's where the Mother's Day happiness ends. We are all pretty sick, I was up half the night with Dylan and his stuffy nose, coughing and general malaise. I feel so bad for him because I know he's got the same cold that I've got and I feel CRUMMY. He feels crummy and he doesn't know why. Poor baby.

He cried this morning for about two hours straight until I finally got him to sleep by turning on the shower in the bathroom and leaving the door open so he could hear it. The steam probably helped too. It was a blessing even though it did heat up the house and it's already 80 degrees outside! Yikes! It was only about a month ago that we had our last snow.

Anyway, another part of my Mother's Day present was that Elizabeth spent the night last night with her cousin Zoe for her birthday. Zoe just turned 9, but Elizabeth just loves her, of course.

I got the report this morning that she was happy to hang out with all the kids (it was a big slumber party) but she was coughing and sick in the middle of the night. Luckily her Auntie Amy was there to take care of her.
When I left Elizabeth over there Saturday night, I cried. I'm such a dweeb, but she's my little baby!!

Bob just went to pick her up and left me here with Captain Stuffy Nose. After he went to sleep I did some very UN-Mother's Day things, like fold laundry and clean a bathroom...though, I guess that is pretty motherly.

I am so sick and hopped up on cold medicine and coffee. Here's an example of how looped I am.
This morning we're laying around in our new KING BED (yahoo!), Bob turns on the TV.

Me: Is there some sort of Mother's Day parade on or something?
Bob: I don't know, I don't think so. (flicking channels, he lands on a news story about Auschwitz)
Me: Well. That's not a parade.
Bob: No, no it's not.


Sar said...

Happy Mother's Day, to one of the funniest and proudest mommies I virtually know - Jessey!

Hope you're all feeling better soon. :)

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Meredith said...

Happy Mother's Day Hester! Feel better asap :)

Freebird said...

Happy Double Mother's Day!

cube said...

Hope you guys feel better soon.

Jessey said...

Update: I'm still sick, Dylan is still sick, Elizabeth probably has croup again. Bob is fine.
He doesn't take medicine, yet he recovers the quickest of us all. How is that possible??