Monday, May 15, 2006

Sickness is Miserable/Wonderful

I would never wish sickness on my kids. I would never WANT them to get the flu, or even a mere cold like they both have now. Sickness is miserable.

Both the kids have been sick for a couple of days now. Now, I don't know if it's the fatigue from fighting illness, the cold medicine or a combination, but Dylan AND Elizabeth both slept through the night last night.
Dylan from about 8:30 ish until 6 am and Elizabeth from about 8 p.m. until, well, she's still sleeping.
God bless them! I got a full eight-hour stretch of sleep which began immediately after Grey's Anatomy....speaking of which...

WHAT THE HELL!? Izzie's gone crazy. She just killed her boyfriend. Or did she? Burke is shot? What?! George's butch girlfriend loves him? She LOVES him? She must not find him as laughable in the sack as Meredith did...who by the way was NOT talking about the dog when she said "I love him, I really do love him" at the end of the show. No way. I foresee a repairing of Meredith and McDreamy, however brief it may be. Blech.

And I can't BELIEVE someone shot Ken Marino! I love Ken Marino. I always have and I always will. You know, he romanced Katie (Kate) Holmes on "Dawson's Creek" back in the day...but I loved him even before that, I've been down with Ken Marino since The State on MTV. Anyway. RIP character played by Ken Marino.

And a note in passing about Survivor.
Aras? Really? The yoga boy?
Only if Cirie would have wom. Or even Terry. But Aras?

His whole, "I'm homeless and I freeload off my dad..." spiel. He's from Orange County for craps sakes. He's a yoga instructor! I hate Aras. I hate that he won. This may be my last season with the Survivor. I can't stand it anymore. At least that crazy Shane ripped them new ones. Whoa, I can't believe that crazy Shane is only eight years older than me! He looks to be 45ish, but he's only 36. Eek, cigarettes are bad.

So there's the lessons for the day, cold medicine makes you sleepy, don't kill your boyfriend if his doctor just got shot and cigarettes are bad.
I think those are good lessons to learn.


Freebird said...

Izzy has gone mad. I think she's killed Denny alright. And yep, Meredith was sooo not talking about the dog!

Jessey said...

Stupid McDreamy. I don't get that at all. He's not that great!

Amy said...

Oooh no, I always did think Patrick Dempsey was cute. Even way back when he was supposed to be nerdy Ronny in Can't Buy Me Love (but obviously not enough to watch Grey's Anatomy).

Jessey said...

Patrick Dempsey, yes. Very cute.
McDreamy though is kind of a dick.