Thursday, May 25, 2006

Must Needs Clean

Ah crap.
I've got friends from college coming to spend Memorial Day weekend with us. They'll be here tomorrow afternoon. The house is CLEARLY not ready for it's close-up.
I think I'll start with the public bathroom and Dylan's room aka the guest room and go on from there. I mean, with Eliza-Taz there's really only so much straightening up I can do with any expectation that it will last while she's still awake.
I went yesterday and bought Pledge Grab-It Wet pads that fit on a Swiffer and mop the floor, so I'll test those out on the bathrooms and you know, spray some foul smelling cleaner on everything so it smells disinfected. I kid, I kid. I'll wipe it down too.

In that bathroom, the problem is not dirt as much as it is clutter. Bob is a big fan of taking things out of cabinets and leaving them out and leaving the cabinet open. I've tried to train him to stop it, but you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks.
So once I get two cups of coffee in me AND Dylan takes his morning nap, the cleaning frenzy will begin.


cube said...

Good luck. I love company but I hate cleaning for it.

Jessey said...

I'm hoping that a quick once-over will suffice and I won't have to get up to my elbows in cleaner.

eaf said...

AUGH! That taking things out and not putting them back... it's my pet peeve! Unfortunately, in the bathroom, I do it too. One day my head will explode from the conflict between my clean side and my far more dominant, irritating clutter side.

Jessey said...

Leaving drawers and cabinet doors open really gets me heated.
I show Bob that the doors and drawers can be pushed shut just as easily as they are pulled open, but he doesn't seem to believe it.

cube said...

At my house, nothing...NOTHING! ever gets put back where it belongs. I live with veritable chimps when it comes to putting things away. Actually a chimp would probably fare better at putting stuff away than the humans in my house. *sigh*

Jessey said...

You'd definitely have better luck with training chimps. People and their damn free will!