Thursday, May 25, 2006

Your American Idol

Taylor Hicks!
Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol!
Alright, that was fun. Who's next?


cube said...

I watched Idol for the first time last night. Turned out to be pretty good. My kids were shocked that I knew all the words to most of the songs.

Jessey said...

I tried to watch AI and Lost at the same time. I was unsuccessful, I got lost on both shows.

Bern said...

That was the most entertaining 2 hours of AI results show. I thought the past contestants sang really well!! Even Chicken Little did not make me go "ewww.. shut up"

cube said...

jessey you should have TIVO or some way of taping simultaneous TV events. What else is an inheritance for anyway?

Jessey said...

I've definitely considered a DVR, but I don't know. It seems excessive. I already watch too much TV as it is!! :)