Monday, May 15, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Elizabeth: Mom, I want some orange juice.
Me: Honey you have apple juice right here.
Elizabeth: I want ORANGE juice.
Me: If I get up and go get you ORANGE juice, are you going to actually drink it?
Elizabeth: 1-2-3 Mommy. That's enough you.
Me: (laughing uncontrollably)

Me: Stop jumping around and put your shoes on.
Elizabeth: (Jumping around) No.
Me: Come put your shoes on.
Elizabeth: (Still jumping around) No.
Me: Come on!
Elizabeth: (Still friggin jumping around) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Me: (plants a swat on her behind) Now, come on, shoes on.
Elizabeth: Why kicka butt me? Why KICKA BUTT MEEEE!?!?

Me: Let's go see Dr. Barela.
Elizabeth: (trying to open the front door) Yes! Go see Cinderella!

Me: Elizabeth, are you hungry for lunch?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Me: What do you want?
Elizabeth: I want regular cheese.
Me: (holding out string cheese) This?
Elizabeth: No. No way.
Me: (holding out American Cheese) This?
Elizabeth: Yes. Thank you!

AND just a few minutes ago...

Me: (taking her water bottle and putting the cap back onto it)
Elizabeth: Mommy! Don't you DARE close the water!
Me: What?
Elizabeth: Don't you dare! Okay mommy?


Amy said...

I love how she goes, "No! No way!" That never ceases to make me laugh.

And "Why you kicka butt me?" is really not a god phrase for her to be running around yelling. You are going to get in so much trouble.

Bern said...

Kids are so funny!
Was she disappointed that Cinderella turned out to be a doctor?

Sar said...

Ooooh, she told you!

This morning as I was rushing my daughter out the door to school and she was looking for a specific necklace, "I know exactly where it is mommy, I just haven't found it yet!".

Jessey said...

Somehow she can distinguish between Cinderella in the TV and Doctor Cinderella, who is a man.

Why kicka butt me is so damn funny! If we actually did kick her butt, I'd be scared, but since we don't, I just laugh.
Although, my SIL told me after the slumber party that Elizabeth got a bruise on her back but when I looked all I saw was her Mongolian spot birthmark which does look like a bruise, so, eek, maybe I should stop her Why Kicka Butt ME!?

Right now she's singing to the cat "A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Now I now my A-B-Cs. Next time won't you sing 'em with me?"

Chris said...

Cute! Athena picked up "No, Sir!" and "No, Ma'am!" from daycare. She has been telling the cat "No, Sir!" all the time now, whenever he does something she doesn't like.

eva said...

Why kicka butt me???

I LOVE that kid.

Happy moms' day, J-momma!

Jessey said...

She is a crackup for sure.

Lately she calls anything she wants to eat a "Shrek bar" and she keeps telling me to "be NICE to Donkey!"
She's Shrek-obsessed, obviously.
I WISH she was so polite to say no ma'am/sir instead of No! No way!! even though it really is so darn funny.
She mostly tells Louie and Baby (the cats) "Get outta here!" and "Wake up!" and "Kill it kill it kill it!"

cube said...


1-2-3 Jessey. That's enough for you.

Freebird said...

"1-2-3 Mommy. That's enough you."

That's funny. She told you off.

Jessey said...

I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she said "1-2-3 Mommy" it was utter and complete disdain and frustration. The interior monologue went something like this "Good grief woman, I asked for orange juice, just get me the orange juice and let's dispense of these silly games. 1-2-3."

Jessey said...

This morning I had to tell her that Rice Krispies were Shrek Pops so she would eat them...
It totally worked!