Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That was just a'ight for me

I watched the American Idol performance finale last night.
One word: Booooring.

The only saving grace was Taylor's fun performances. Therefore, I predict that Taylor will win tonight.
I can't wait to watch them drag out a 10 second winner reveal into TWO HOURS of greeeeat television. That's a hot one right there.

PS: If I NEVER hear that "Had a Bad Day" song again, it will be too soon. I hate that song, I hate the guy who sings it. I'm sick of it. I wanted to put a boot through my television when that song came on to close out AI last night. Horrible. That was such a boring horrible way to end the show. Let's hope that Gay er, Clay Aiken really pulls out all the stops tonight for his guest appearance and doesn't fall completely flat like Powder did last night. You know, Powder, from the movie "Powder" ah, anyway.


Jason said...

Have they confirmed Clay? I've never seen him sing at all.

I installed DialIdol last night for Bernie so she could vote for Kat. She registered 7 votes using the software. I guess we'll be doing that next season instead of dialing manually.

I think they should allow the final 10 to have full-time coaches so we can see them improve more and help with song choices - sort of like the "Skating with Celebrities" or "Dancing with the Stars", where there is a partner that coaches the competitor.

Amy said...

Yes it was sooo boring, I can't believe I managed to watch the entire thing. And those "debut singles" are just awful.

I feel bad for John Powder, they're going to run him into the ground. They'll say later he's a one-hit wonder and who is to blame, stupid AI.

Jessey said...

I don't know if they've confirmed Clay, it's a rumor that he'll perform though. Oh oh, I'm all atwitter. <= Note sarcasm.

The only reason, I think, that I sat through the whole show is because I knew that House was waiting for me on the other side.

That Powder looks like a cancer patient to me, I can't enjoy watching him perform if I'm worried about his chemotherapy.

Jessey said...

And even though I'm totally bored by the show at this point, and I'm virtually certain that Taylor will win and I definitely have much better things to do, I'll watch the finale tonight, like a fucking sheep.
I've been brainwashed by Ryan Seacrest and his frosty frosty hair.

Jason said...

Ha! I thought the same thing.

Anybody else notice that they had technical problems all during the show? Powder didn't start his song for about 10 seconds, and I just knew that his monitor earphone was dead. The beginning of the show had lots of microphone malfunctions between the judges and Ryan as well. Then there was Kat's earphone failure. I saw Taylor jerk his out of his ear during one of his songs, too.

Amy said...

You cannot watch the show you'll miss the two hour season finale of Lost. My husband's sister, who is 3 hours ahead of us, calls and tells us who gets kicked off because I won't abide flipping back and forth during Lost.

Jessey said...

Ah crap.
I'll just have to flick back for the last 30 seconds of AI.
Or just read the winner on the internet right after the show.

Jessey said...

Taylor it is.