Thursday, May 11, 2006

We're Adults!

Bob and I have been together almost five years, married for nearly three and have two kids together, but it wasn't until last night that we became actual adults.

See throughout our entire time together, we've slept on my tiny double bed. While I'm just 5'3", Bob is 6'3" and we didn't quite both fit in that bed, particularly when I was gestating the aforementioned two kids. It was not a pretty thing to see.

So yesterday we went out and bought a new bed. A king-sized bed. A giant, enormous bed.
We got a smokin' deal, paying around $850 for the huge pillowtop mattress, both boxsprings, the frame AND delivery.
Of course, once the bed arrived I realized I didn't have ANY king-sized sheet sets. Whoops! I had to haul buns to Big Lots before they closed (and before Lost came on) to get some sheets to complete the whole giant bed experience.

Let me tell you now, that was the best $850 I have ever spent.
I slept great and Bob slept right next to me, close enough to snuggle but far enough away that we didn't crush or sweat on each other. Niiiiice.


Freebird said...

Yay for the big kid's bed! King-sized beds are awesome, except when you sleep alone cause then you just end up feeling really lonely. Alone and cold in a giant bed. Waaah!

Jessey said...

It's funny, I still slept all the way over on the one side of the bed, riding the edge, like normal even though I could have sprawled out like mad and never hit my husband once.

Elizabeth is in there now jumping on the new bed, gotta break it in!

cube said...

Welcome to the world of grown ups... grups for short.

Amy said...

You know my father-in-law only has a double bed, in his huge Illinois home and his smaller but equally fancy Napa home. He likes to be that close to his wife. Funny and barfy at the same time.

Jessey said...

It's fine in the winter time, but the summer in a double bed with a big guy, that stinks!

Elmer's Brother said...

We broke down after awhile and got a California king...I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Jessey said...

We were gonna get the Cal King but my husband is very tall and prefers to have his feet hang over the edge of the bed.
Plus, it's way easier to find King sized sheets. I've still not seen Cal King sheets yet at Walmart. Admittedly I need to shop around a bit.