Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Abandoned Cat

Outside the Counseling Center we saw a lady holding a small kitten. Of course Elizabeth wanted to pet the kitty. I let her. Turns out the lady had just rescued the kitty from a Dumpster at Wal-Mart. (Dumpster is a brand name, and thus should be capitalized. The things I learned in college)

I later told Elizabeth the kitty's tale of woe.

Me: Someone threw that kitty in the garbage.
Elizabeth: (totally mortified) WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!
Me: Isn't that mean?
Elizabeth: That's MEAN!


Freebird said...

I can just imagine her mortified little face asking "WHAAAAT?" :-(
Poor kitty.

Jessey said...

She's still talking about it this morning.

"Put kitty in the garbage. That's GROSS!"

cube said...

Did you bring the kitty home to get commando cat training from Louie?

Jessey said...

Oh no. Someone had already laid claim to Dumpsterella.

On a related note...we found a headless bird in our living room this morning.
It was deceased...obviously.

eva said...

I see your copy editor skillz (intentional use of z) are still up to snuff. Well done.

Jessey said...

You just can't forget all the most important shizzle.

eaf said...

Ah but the question is, was it a Dumpster, or just a Dumpster knockoff? Because if it wasn't really a Dumpster, you really have to call it a "large garbage receptacle."

We have this coversation at every hockey game about the Zamboni, which is really an Olympia Ice Shaver or something, but it's painted to look like a John Deere tractor mower. I get shivers every time they say "Nothing runs like a Deere, and nothing shaves ice like a Deere." IT'S NOT A DEERE, DUMBASS!! IT'S JUST PAINTED TO LOOK LIKE ONE!

Okay, fine, WE don't have that conversation, unless I am referring to the royal we. I talk to myself a lot. In fact, I think I'm doing it now. Is anyone listening? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Jessey said...

So true, so true. I'm not sure if it was a large garbage receptacle or a Dumpster.
I don't hang out behind Wal-Mart all that much, or at all really.