Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Whoops! I totally forgot!

Anyone remember the string of hospital roommates we had when Dylan was sick?
Well, the most annoying of the bunch were the internet daters. The couple who were supposed to be on their first date the night her kid got sick and went to the Emergency Room.
Not ringing any bells? Here's the original post. They are roommate number 2.

When I went out for Cinco de Mayo (I know, this is sooo delayed) I saw HIM at the bar. She was not there, oddly...strangely...it seems this romance did not work out. Hmm, I totally called that! He was there, dressed like Brad Paisley again, and dirty dancing with a bunch of skanks.
"I'll never love another woman again."
Hmm. I totally believed that too. ;) If those two kids can't make it work, who can? Oh wait...


eva said...

I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Jessey said...

I know!

Freebird said...

The internet luv-ah strikes again.

Jessey said...

I'm irritated all over again.

after all the icky uncomfortableness they caused me, they could have at LEAST had the decency to have a quickie marriage, and end up divorced from each other six months later.

They owed me that much.