Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Ben Breaks His Face

Ben Roethlisberger went from Super Bowl winning quarterback to near roadkill in a matter of seconds.

Big Ben was riding his "motorcycle" (it was a Suzuki), when he was struck by a silver Chrysler New Yorker piloted by 62-year-old Martha Fleishman of Pittsburgh.

Roethlisberger was not wearing a helmet and suffered injuries including a broken jaw, a broken nose and multiple facial fractures for which he underwent seven hours of surgery.

Witnesses to the crash said they thought the motorcyclist was killed because of the extent of his injuries.

I have to agree here with Terry Bradshaw who told Roethlisberger to cut out the motorcycle riding after Kellen Winslow's accident.
"Ride it when you retire," Bradshaw reportedly said.

Or at the very least, wear a helmet dude.
The bike he was on was described as the "fastest production bike made" yet he doesn't wear a helmet...hmm.
Not very smart Ben.
Here's to a speedy *ahem* recovery.


Chris said...

Hopefully he can be a lesson to kids out there everywhere. He's a great player and I hope he recovers quickly, but he gets a big "dumb ass" label for this one.

Meredith said...

This is something that has made me crazy ever since I moved to the Midwest. Ohio doesn't have a motorcycle helmet law either, and it is INSANE to drive motorcycles 90 miles on the freeway with NO helmet! But people do it all the time. Hopefully this will wake up some of these states to pass helmet laws, or at least make more people wear helmets.

Jessey said...

My old editor in California had a daughter killed in a car accident by a reckless driver, can't remember if he was drunk.

A couple years later the guy who killed her killed himself in a motorcycle accident in which he was wearing a "novelty" helmet.
So, I don't know, sometimes it's Darwinian.

Chris said...

Yeah - I would never drive or ride a motorcycle in the first place - they're just death traps. Riding without a helmet is just insanity.

eaf said...

Agreed. It's always Darwinian.

Let's face it... "head hit big rock really fast. dead me" is not a hard concept to grasp.

Anonymous said...

Who has no teeth and lives in Pittsburgh?




Jessey said...

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me Jeffy...Ben also knocked out almost all of his teeth...yikes!
Poor stupid guy is only 24 and now he's a toothless freak.

Chris said...

Actually, a toothless freak with a Superbowl Ring would qualify him to be an honorary Dallas Cowboy.