Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My own little Manon Rheaume

Yesterday I was watching TV with Elizabeth, flipping through the channels trying to find something appropriate to watch (there is painfully little appropriate out there). We flipped by the Hurricanes-Oilers game.
Thinking of my blogfriends Chris and Elizabeth, we stuck with the game for awhile.

Me: "What team do you like, the Hurricanes or the Oilers?"
Elizabeth: "Canes or Oilers?"
Me: "Right, which one do you like?"
Elizabeth: "Oilers."
Me: "Not the 'Canes?"
Elizabeth: "OOOOY-LERS!"
Me: "Not the 'Canes?"
Elizabeth: "No. Oilers!"

Sorry guys!

But when I tried to flip away (I can only watch hockey for so long) she screamed bloody murder!



Amy said...

Umm, you do that hockey usually involves fights, with fists and sticks and slams against the glass and lots of blood, yes? So not too appropriate!

But the Food Network is ALWAYS appropriate (and you will train her to want to start cooking for you soon!).

Jessey said...

I was watching Semi Homemade the other day, even though I hate that show, and I saw a recipe for grilled jalapeno poppers.
I made them.
They came out great, BUT, they were so fiercely HOT I was on fire internally for about an hour.
That was very dangerous. It was like a jalapeno bomb.
That damn Sandra Lee !

Chris said...

Not too many fights anymore and not necessarily lots of blood. Lots of speed, hitting (true), and finesse. I've taken both kids to live games and they seem to enjoy it well enough.

Too bad she has poor taste in teams, but at least she enjoyed watching it. I'm sure your husband appreciates it. :-)

Chris said...

Nice Manon Rheaume reference, too. I would have gone with a Cammi Granato reference, personally, but to each his (or her) own.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

No more blood? No wonder my mom doesn't watch hockey anymore.

Semi-Homemade is annoying because she 1) dresses too flowy for cooking 2) puts her kitchen in themes and 3) matches her clothes to the kitchen theme. Too silly. I usually can only stand to watch her if she's baking.

Jessey said...

I reference Manon because as a kid I was obsessed with her, budding feminist and all that. I even had her hockey cards...even though I never watched her play one single minute of a game.
Ah fickle youth...

Semi-Homemade IS annoying for all those reasons, AND for the fact that I just can't stand to look at Sandra Lee. She makes me so mad. I have no idea why. I also hate how she is always talking about her nieces and nephews and how she's the greatest aunt in the world when in reality she is probably the most annoying person in the world and those kids know it.

And as much as I love Giada, I hate how when she has the big party at the end of the show, she goes around telling everybody what's in their food and how great it is...shh, just shhh now and eat. If it's great THEY will tell YOU.
These comments are totally off topic.

Chris said...

There is some blood, but this isn't the 70s with the Broad Street Bullies or anything. :-)

eaf said...

When Elizabeth comes to Raleigh one day, we'll take her to a game. We'll have her screaming "GO CANES" in no time.

We'll be your favorite people ever.