Thursday, June 01, 2006

Could It Be True?

I'm hearing reports that Brit finally kicked out K-Fed.
If so, huzzah! Hurray!
Let's have a parade!

Here's a wedding pic so we can remember the uh, *good* times.


Amy said...

Well she supposedly kicked him out once before to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Aside from the fact that everybody could see this coming from the moment they hooked up, it is too bad that they now have two kids. And I'm sure those kids he has with Shar Jackson will suffer too, because really, where do you think his child support money was coming from?

Jessey said...

And have you seen this monstrosity??

Even cleaned up, he's a putz.

Amy said...

Hmm, but where do the piggy babies come from? Maybe it's something they will all eventually grow out of.

Jessey said...

See, that's what I don't understand too. He's not fat or really ugly, he's just such a dirtball it makes me want to kick him in the face.