Thursday, June 01, 2006


My daughter just pooed in her pull-up, took off her shorts and the pull-up and proceeded to rub her poo covered ass on the carpet like a dog with an itchy butthole.

I just cleaned feces out of my carpet.

This was NOT in the job description!!!!!
Is it too early in the day to start drinking?

I just discussed this with Elizabeth.

"Do you love mommy?"
"How much?"
"Big much, bunches!"
"Do you love mommy enough to stop pooping on the carpet?"
"Ooooo-kay. Whatever."
"Did you just say whatever?"

Heaven help me.


Anonymous said...

There really isn't a bright side to this. BUT, at least she didn't do it while Erin and Jeff were visiting, right?

Jessey said...

I guess that's a bright-ish side.

Why me?

Freebird said...

Sorry, but that's just seriously gross. My boys never did that kind of stuff.

No, not too early to start drinking. Drink up!

Jessey said...

Yes, I'm getting sick just thinking about it. Totally gross.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Our cat does that. We call it the boot-scoot. And you want another one? You ARE crazy. Whatever.

Amy said...

I wish when you asked, "Do you love mommy enough to not wipe poop on the carpet" she had said "No! No way!" Not because I *want* her to not love you that much, but because I love when she says that!

Jessey said...

She's quite the comedienne. I took them to the bank AND the post office today and she was making friends right and left. She's very popular around town.

Of course, she's not rubbing poo into the carpet at the bank, so...