Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Drat, a rat

I was checking email yesterday when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and saw a GIANT RAT in my living room! It scampered back through the kitchen and into the laundry room. I threw the cats in there, but they were uninspired.
Luckily, both the kids had the good sense to wake up from their naps just then. I packed them up in the car and drove into town to waste time until their dad got home to slay the rat.

We came home almost three hours later. It was pouring rain. Their dad was not home yet, but I couldn't sit out in the car or worse, out in the rain, so we had to go inside.
I carried Dylan up the stairs in his car seat, opened the front door and as I walked in to set him inside, there was THE RAT!

Only this time it was dead. Ding dong dead.
Curled up, tongue out, rigor mortis dead.

I threw a "good job boys" to the cats, though they were nowhere to be seen.

I went back into the rain to get Elizabeth out of the car, I told her to run upstairs and into the house. I was right behind her. As soon as she stepped across the threshold she saw the dead rat.

"Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww! That's gross!"
"He's dead, don't touch it!"
"He's dead. He's a mouse. Louie killed him."

We waited another hour for Bob to get home and remove the pestilence.
In the meantime, Elizabeth kept creeping up on the corpse, spurring warnings against touching it from me.

"Get away from there, it's gross!"
"But I love him!"

She's weird.


Bern said...


Wonder if Louie or Baby did it?

Jessey said...

They probably worked together. They're a great murderous team.

Amy said...

Eww, you need to warn before posting such nastiness. That rat looks like it had been sitting there for days.

Jessey said...

They really worked him over. He was only there, maybe a couple hours maximum.

Freebird said...

I think I'd have one of those giant pesticide tents over my home within the hour.

Jessey said...

I gotta get a bell for Baby now. They're catching these things outside and bringing them inside. Those cats are a-holes. At least they eventually kill them.

Anonymous said...

I love the way Elizabeth is learning about death. I can just see her going to a funeral one day and saying, "He's dead. Louie killed him. I love him. Ew, gross."

Anonymous said...

That last comment was me,by the way: Erin.

Jessey said...

Well, she did go to my dad's funeral last summer, but she was so little I don't think she even understood what was going on. I'm actually glad that she was so little then, it would have been way too traumatic if she connected the dots.
It was very sad for my little brother and sister who actually sort of grasped what was going on.

G said...

Somehow your warning to stay away from rats and her proclamation of love seem to be a foreshadowing of sorts...
Anyway, headed over from Sar's - congrats on the inspirational thing, I'll have to read your post.

Jessey said...

Egad! A foreshadowing of what? Now I'm worried.

When the cats release live mice in the house, she freaks. She is so scared. She gets totally freaked out if a moth lands on or near her.

G said...

Oooh, don't be nervous - was just making a silly connection of daughters' choices of boyfriends vs. parents' approval of same. Somehow, it doesn't explain well.
It sounds like my kids - hate anything flying near them. In fact, my son went through a period that he would scream AN ANT!!! I would explain that it was okay, we're outdoors and they live here.

Jessey said...

Gotcha...yeah, I see the parallel...

That guy's a dead rat!
But I love him!!!

Then we lock her in her room for four years.
Problem solved!