Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's fine right now

I bought Elizabeth a set of Dora the Explorer dominoes yesterday. She was fascinated with our regular dominoes and I thought she would like to have a set of her own.
She's been playing with them pretty much since we walked in the door with them.
She doesn't really get the idea of how dominoes are supposed to be played, she likes to "build a bridge" with them, which is basically laying them all end to end in a long line.
Luckily there are only 28 Dora character dominoes in her set. Our set of double twelves has almost 100 dominoes in it.
Last night she got bored of the Doraminoes and decided to go get the Mominoes.

Me: No. Elizabeth don't get mommy's dominoes.
Elizabeth: It's fine right now.
Me: No, it's not fine. Don't get them.
Elizabeth: IT'S FINE RIGHT NOW!!!
Me: Go to your room.
Elizabeth (sobbing): It's fiiiiine, right nooooow!

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