Friday, June 09, 2006

Feeding the Baby

My mother and my sister in law are always on my case that the baby is hungry.
The baby is not hungry.
The baby is a little fatty. He eats plenty, trust me.
They are both crazy about this because neither one of them breastfed their babies.
I didn't breastfeed my first child, well, not after the first few weeks. I succumbed to the initial pain and fear that my child wasn't eating enough and of course, my mom saying it over and over like a bee in my ear didn't help matters.
With Dylan, I was determined to breastfeed.
Two weeks in I was ready to quit, but I stuck with it and now here we are he's over five months old and still at the boob.
He's also eating solids now, which is fun because it makes him seem more like a little person than a totally milk dependent baby.
Today Dylan fell asleep early for his morning nap and then we had to book it out of here to make it into town for Elizabeth to get a real big girl haircut (which came out cute by the way). So he didn't get his usual jar of breakfast baby food in between jaunts at the boob.
By 2 pm, we were at my sister in laws and he was starving. He had already had as much breastmilk as was going to be available for awhile. My sister in law was holding him and he was licking her shoulder. A cute habit.

"He's hungry," she said and plopped him in my lap.
"He already cleaned me out!" I said.

We then brainstormed about what foods in her house could be baby food. No bananas to smash, he can't eat instant oatmeal or yogurt. We settled on trying rice pudding, but then it turns out that has eggs in it, though he did get a tiny taste (I know, bad mother!).
Then my SIL tried to give him a Hostess cupcake. She's crazy.
I had to grab him up and take him (and his newly shorn sister) home where he just got half a jar of rice cereal with applesauce.
It seems to have filled his belly and made him sleeeeeeepy.
I'm going to go enjoy his naptime now!


cube said...

He looks so much like Elizabeth in that photo.

Jessey said...

He totally does. They look very much alike. My mom told me that my brother and I looked so much alike that when we were younger people would ask if we were twins. Now he is 6'2" and I am 5'3" and noone asks that anymore.