Monday, June 12, 2006

New Sink!!

We finally put the sink in, or rather, Bob finally put the sink in! Yay! The new kitchen sink is here!
It's spectacular! I never thought I would be so happy and excited over a sink, but I am.
The old sink was a double basin and I hated it, I could never get my big pots and pans into it. I could never clean the broiler pan, so I could never use it. The *NEW* sink is one large basin, extra deep and we put in a hi-arc faucet so I am able to put giant pots into the sink and fill them. Ah, it's glorious...see for yourself!

And here's the actual sink:


Jessey said...

PS you can see in that second picture, between Elizabeth's feet, a can of some purple goo that softens up plastic and is used for plumbing.
Bob left it on the floor where it leaked out and consumed two of our floor tiles! Eeek! It really eats through plastic on the quick!
Luckily, I had extras leftover from when I put in the peel and stick floor, so we peeled up the cankered tiles and stuck two new ones down.
I never realized how dirty and unshiny my floor was until I saw what it USED to look like.

Freebird said...

It's a beauty!

BTW, like the new pic. :-)

cube said...

Nice. Very stainless steeley.

Jessey said...

It's a new old pic, from when I was preggo with Dylan. I think it was last Halloween or thereabouts. I was NOT in costume. hardeehar.

The sink is AMAZING! It's power is so great, I actually WANT to do dishes!

eaf said...

I bet that will last, like, two days. :-)

Isn't it so great that Elizabeth wanted to help? I'm sure she made the whole job much easier on your spouse there.