Friday, June 23, 2006

My Crazy Daughter

First of all, she's gotten into band-aids. She thinks they're like stickers. She puts them all over herself. She looks like she got into a knifefight with all those band-aids. I almost don't want to take her out of the house for fear that other mothers will scorn me for slicing my child up, even though I did not.

She sneaks into my bathroom and takes out the band-aids and puts them all over her legs, arms, belly. Yesterday she put one across her nose, then changed her mind and put it over her mouth.
I didn't complain.

Also funny...this afternoon she yells "Louie killed a mouse! Louie killed a mouse!!"
I was confused because the last time I saw Louie, he was passed out by the TV. It's also 90 degrees out right now...not prime mouse hunting weather.
So I went to investigate, confident I would find no mouse...but sure enough there he was...

The vicious beast Louie, curled up with his stuffed mouse.


Bern said...

He looks like he's using the stuffed rat as his pillow.

Amy said...

Oh, that is so scary about the band-aids, only because I HATE band-aids. Would rather bleed to death than use them. And last I dreamed I was covered in them.

Jessey said...

Scared of band-aids? There must be a funny story behind that!

Amy said...

Unfortunately there's not. I'm just an insane weirdo who hates the goo they leave behind.

Jessey said...

That's not insane...That sticky goo is horrible. It's not as bad as the tape they use in the hospital but it's bad. For weeks after I had an IV removed, I had black marks where the tape used to be and the goo still was. That goo attracts dirt like crazy!