Friday, June 23, 2006


E: I want chocolate milk.
Me: How do you ask nicely?
E: I want chocolate milk please. Come on. Let's go.
Me: You want chocolate milk?
E: No! I want juicey.
Me: You want a juicey?
E: No, I want cheese.
Me: Cheese?
E: Yes. I want beer. Cheese.
Me: You want a beer?
E: Yes. I want a beer.
Me: You can't have a beer.
E: Hmmm. I want cheese.
Me: Cheese?
E: No! Chocolate milk.
Me: Are you sure?
E: Yes!


Amy said...

Oh I can't wait until I have my own kids so I can have these crazy conversations!

Chris said...

This sounds pretty much like every conversation I have with Athena in the kitchen. I have taken to buying themes foods (read: Dora the Explorer) because she is more likely to agree to eat/drink them when I offer.

She asks for several snacks by name: "Dorasnacks" (Dora themed gummy snacks), "Yogos" (actually, she has this one right). Also Dora yogurt and, as of today, Dora cereal.

Freebird said...

When Andrew was 3 instead of asking for Frosted Flakes he used to ask for a bowl of "kitty cats." He was referring to Tony the Tiger on the box. Kids are funny.

Jessey said...

I let Elizabeth pick her own cartoon fruit snacks. Last time it was Care Bears and Pirates of the we have safari animals and Hello Kittys. Other than that, I don't like getting the cartoon food because you end up paying extra for the licensing...
I just get the Malt-o-Meal bag cereal, the fake rice krispies, and tell her it's Shrek Pops. That works.

eaf said...

Hey! That give me an idea... we could just buy Dora STICKERS and put them on everything. You want Dora Applejuice? Dora dishwashing detergent? Dora rat poison?


Jessey said...

That is a friggin great idea!
You're a genius!

Anonymous said...

You know Jessey, if you just give her beer this would be a moot point.
Just kidding. I don't have kids yet, so I can still say stuff like that and not have the authorities knocking on my door...for now.


Jessey said...

Yes. Beer is the answer!