Monday, June 19, 2006

"No bed yet! Ok?"

Elizabeth hates to take naps or go to bed at bedtime. I think that SHE thinks she'll be missing something cool. In reality, when she naps I put the baby down to play and I do dishes or sweep the floor or possibly take a shower (a quick one!)

As an homage to Athena, Elizabeth's doppelganger and baby of Chris and Elizabeth here is the "end of a difficult nap" for my Elizabeth.


Chris said...

I'm sure I'll be looking for her one day in a panic and she'll be under her bed. *sigh* There isn't a lot of room under hers, thankfully, so she hasn't tried it yet.

Jessey said...

There's very little room under Elizabeth's bed too, I had to extricate her, jaws of life style. It involved pulling her out and lifting the bed simultaneously.
I don't know HOW she got under there.

Bern said...

So she is not afraid of the Click Clock hiding under her bed anymore?

Jessey said...

Yeah! Ha! I guess not! Or she went looking for it and fell asleep!