Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day

This is the only picture I have of my dad with my daughter. It was taken about two years ago. We didn't see my dad very much after we moved to Arizona, maybe once or twice a year. We went back last Memorial Day and spent the night at his house and spent a lot of time together. Sadly, that was the last time I saw him, and he never got to meet his grandson (who incidentally looks exactly like him). We took a bunch of pics last summer, but my stepmom has them all. I asked her for some, she said she has to organize her craft room and then she'll send me some pictures. I don't see what the big deal is with finding me some pictures and sending them, but apparently, it's very difficult.
Anyway, I was quite depressed yesterday (Father's Day). At least I have a cool father-in-law to stand in for my dad from now on.
Here's Elizabeth with my FIL in Hatch last summer for the Fourth of July.

He's since cut off the ponytail. :)


Amy said...

Sorry you were so sad yesterday Jessey. And why do step-mothers have to fit into the nasty step-mother mold. I agree, why does it take so long to send you pictures? She probably doesn't want pictures of Elizabeth. Sigh. . .David's first step mother (who divorced his dad at least 17 years ago) just sent his sister pictures of them when they were kids. Although nobody knew that she had them, so it wasn't as though my SIL was fighting for them. So I bet that poop step-mom of yours will take extra long because you want them and she's a super poo.

Jessey said...

The pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, she's got all my dad's stuff, his memorabilia, his yearbooks, all his pictures, all his jewelry, all his medals and army stuff. It makes me sick.
She's gonna end up remarried someday and what's going to happen to my dad's stuff?
You know, husbands (as much as you love them and blah blah blah) are replaceable. Dads are not.
I just wish she was a decent person and not a super poo, because a DECENT person would go through his things and say, look you're his children, you should have these things. But since she's an uberbitch, she won't ever do that. I'll have to wait until SHE dies and then hopefully I'll be able to muscle some things away from my little sister.

eva said...

Oh J, I'm so sorry. Your little sis seems like a smart kid and she's old enough now to get to a post office, nay? If so, I say get her to send you the stuff. If not, wait until she gets older and I bet she'll do it for you.

Love you!

Jessey said...

she's going to be 10 in December. So, I've at least got six more years before she can do things on the total downlow.

I mean, this woman, gah! After we were back from the funeral I was talking to her about our mortgage and she was complaining to me about having to sell my dad's car because noone's driving it anyway and she didn't want to pay the payment for it to sit in the driveway...I mean, I get the practicality of that, but come on! it's two months since he died and she's already "let's sell the car!" but she can't go into a box and find pictures she should have sent me a year ago?
I'm flabbergasted.

Freebird said...


Jessey said...

I know! It makes me crazy.

Jessey said...

She lives in Texas too, so look out!

Meredith said...

Hope you get the pics makes me so sad that you only have one pic of your Dad and your daughter! Even though our fam is so spread out too, having the baby be close to the grandparents is important. Can't believe she is such a super poo!

Jessey said...

Oh, I'll get the pics. If I have to drive 13 hours and break into a house (allegedly) I'll get the pics.
I know the woman has digital photos! She sent me 400 pictures of her damn brand new, paid for, fugly house in Texas before they moved in...I mean, come on. Does she think I'm stupid?
I found one picture of her at my can't really see her face, but she still looks like a superpoo.
I'll have to dig out their wedding photo and snap a pic of it and post it, as a public service to all those individuals in the Plano area.